Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Yet another look at 'today's Navy'

A former AFSOC helo guy opines about 'today's Navy'

Personally, I'd demand that instead of using the military to norm women in appropriately male roles let us first introduce women into NFL teams and see how well the mix gender teams perform against all male ones.

What?  Never happen, teams lose money if they don’t win?
This shows all you need to know about how much proponents of women in combat units actually care for the effectiveness and survivability of our military members.

Also speaks volumes about the priorities of our godless society.

The  truth of the 'women in military' issue was best described by one whom we should have listened to a long time ago... 

"It doesn't work"

We have a great Commander in Chief.  Damm shame there is no one who can hold a candle to Gen Barrow or Adm Stockdale anywhere near him.  

7/22/20 - will this one be RIR'd and immediately discharged?   If not the 'Navy' isn't a military unit, it's a jobs program.

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