Thursday, April 2, 2020

letter to the White House

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Mr President,

I pray for you and Melania daily, you have been a rock in the face of the swirling adversity challenging our country and I thank you. Perhaps at some opportunity apart from the 5PM brief Melania could publicly comment on her faith and it's importance to her in this time of stress.

That said sir, I believe it is critical that a visible manipulation of  'the curve' with a sequenced return to normalcy be observably executed - beyond the guidelines on social distancing and no unnecessary activity.

Personally my family is in week 3 of homebound. Although not particularly stressful for me after 7 deployments with the Navy, by early May the best of us (our medical professionals, first responders, grocery staff and truckers among them) would be\exhausted, and the worst of us already pursuing criminal activity. Also, each day makes opportunistic terror attack more likely.

A phased return to normalcy should be executable with nation wide chloroquine prophylactic treatment for individuals not tested as having immunity, and use of masks and visors (as indicated) for those awaiting testing and chloroquine if needed.

I expect broad implementation of chloroquine is not what big pharma wants, but a long term vaccination should afford them plenty of profit. We are on fire now and cannot wait on routine test procedures and self interested bureaucrats.

God bless!

From Texas,

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