Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Clairvoyant News Service
March 2021 

Highlight from Shocking Congressional Hearing on the PACFLT disaster of 2020 - US Navy was ill prepared and poorly equipped to meet what should have been a very visible threat

Today marked the first congressional hearing following the shocking loss of six Navy combatants and crews, as well as an additional 11 ships disabled, across the Pacific Fleet, culminating in the bloody Chinese annexation of Taiwan.

Key elements from the day revealed that -

US Navy and military communications were disabled or compromised – more of a benefit to the PLAN (Chinese Navy) than our sailors. US Naval forces were heavily satellite dependent despite a demonstrated ability by China to destroy satellites in orbit. 'Web-enabled' warfare, necessitating data communications between disparate platforms, sensors, and missiles, long championed as a cost saving 'multiplier' by Naval theoreticians such as Adm Art Cebrowski, proved debilitating against a technologically competent enemy.

Anti-Ship Missile defenses were grossly ineffective – even counter productive. Compromise of critical secrets in US Navy missile seeker jamming techniques turned defense systems into beacons for Chinese missiles. This despite the fact PRC penetration of the most secret US weapons development labs was determined to be 'total' in the late '90s.

Chinese use of Mine Warfare was extensive and crippled US platforms PACFLT commanders expected would be decisive. Two American nuclear attack submarines were destroyed, with total loss of crews. These nuclear powered attack submarines were destroyed by Chinese mines that couldn't even see their own, relatively primitive but absolutely silent, conventional submarines. Covert deployment of vast numbers of mines by the Chinese commercial and fishing fleets starved the critical air base in Guam of jet fuel and delayed deployment of reinforcements from US ports in time to alter outcome. US mine clearing and defenses were described as demonstrably no better than when re-flagged tanker Bridgeton struck a mine in Operation 'Earnest Will' over three decades ago.

Xi's declaration of intent to use nuclear armed anti-carrier (ship) ballistic missiles (ASBM) effectively removed the US carrier force from the battlefield. This decisive move should not have been a surprise. As had been signaled, China's nuclear 'no first use policy' had a massive caveat – combat in the waters China considered it's possession – including nearly the entirety of the South China Sea, as well as Taiwan, was deemed 'defense of the homeland' justifying such use. China's now competent strategic ICBM force, which benefited enormously from technological transfers during the Clinton administration, meant strategic exchange involving major US cities would likely follow any attempt by the US Navy or Air Force to attack the tactical nuclear armed ASBM launch sites within China. 

Lacking meaningful American support Taiwan was left to the mercies of PLA Generals – as was predicted by US Naval War College in 2009. Their assessment of China's naval mine warfare capabilities even then warned “Washington seemingly has little choice but to adopt a cautious strategy concerning the Taiwan issue and face the uncomfortable truth that it cannot feasibly defend Taiwan militarily over the long term.”

Perhaps most telling was the testimony by one sailor, a survivor of the USS Gabrielle Giffords, who wryly remarked “it was drilled into each of us “Diversity is Our Strength”. That didn't do (deleted) to save my ship.”


Sources include:

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by Stealing America's Defense Secrets
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the People's Republic of China
(commonly known as the Cox Report)

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Like I said - What's it Going To Take?

There are now 65 hydroxychloroquine studies that show high effectiveness as an early treatment against COVID19, while late treatment shows mixed results.


As noted in the twitter link yesterday HCQ/zinc is demonstrably effective in countries around the world. The state of Ohio has just reverrsed its ban on use for WuFlu (not 'Covid 19', lets give the devil his due) ...


At this point it is fair to ask - is any doctor refusing to provide a patient with no apparent complications HCQ and zinc for early treatment of WuFlu really executing due diligence?

The motive for the CCP in intentionally spreading this plague worldwide and killing over a half million people, including over one hundred thousand Americans, is clear to anyone who has read 'Unrestricted Warfare' . Given the brutal nature of the tyrants running the CCP it is reasonable to ask if the release wasn't intentional. The veterans of Tiananmen would easily accept the sacrifice of mass numbers of Chinese to achieve plausible deniability - thus escaping retaliation for an act of war. After all, they can count on the cooperation of Trump hating western media and giant corporations seeking profits in China to carry their disinformation.

The motives for Fauci (who was providing US taxpayer funding to the Wuhan BSL4 facility for (dual use) 'gain of function' research) and friends in preventing the wide use of HCQ/zinc to eliminate the WuFlu crisis warrants exploration.

Friday, July 31, 2020

The lady in red

Tragic story of the murder of a female soldier at Ft Hood brings bereaved family to White House to speak with big hearted Commander-in-Chief


But, wait a minute ... that striking lady in red. "Attorney Natalie Khawam. I’m going this case pro bono because I believe in it, and I believe in our military and I believe in justice."

Haven't we seen her somewhere before?



Yeah, just the right person to introduce into the Trump White House.

Smells like deep state setting up Trump to me.

P.S. a note on the wonkett and schlussel links. Although neither is considered, what I use to routinely call a 'usually reliable source' given their easily evident
ideological bent (Ms Schlussel apparently carries water for the extreme Zionist lobby), the essence of their accusations regarding the sisters is considered very
likely true.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Time for the lawyers

Watch what Doctors who are actually treating patients say ...


If you are early onset with WuFlu and not offered HCQ and zinc
by your doctor be sure your next of kin has the documentation
necessary for a malpractice suit. He/she is NOT exercising
due diligence.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Concrete Example

Here's a headline and story which is very, very revealing.


President Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., on Monday retweeted a viral video that was yanked by Facebook for pushing “false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19.”

YouTube and Twitter also pulled the video.

The clip, which was originally posted by the right-wing news site Breitbart, featured four people who identified themselves as doctors speaking in front of the Supreme Court building. One was Stella Immanuel, who claims to be a physician in Houston, and said hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug often touted by Trump, was a cure for COVID-19.

A number of scientific studies have determined that the drug was not only ineffective against the novel coronavirus but that it could cause fatal heart arrhythmia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at this time, there is no drug or therapy presently approved by the Food and Drug Administration to prevent or treat COVID-19.

Immanuel also said that people do not need to wear face masks and attacked “fake doctors” who “sound like a computer.” To avoid contracting coronavirus, the CDC advises wearing a face mask, limiting face-to-face contact with others and wearing gloves when cleaning and disinfecting or providing care for the sick.

Immanuel has an unusual background for a self-proclaimed COVID-19 expert. Information about her medical background is limited; however, she does serve as the head of Fire Power Ministries, which appears to be located in a Houston strip mall and promotes a baptism of fire program that offers “miracles, healings and deliverance.”

On Monday night, Immanuel threatened Facebook with God’s wrath.

“If my page is not back up face book will be down in Jesus name,” she tweeted.


I implore everyone to do real homework on the issue of HCQ plus zinc. The honest trials and assessments have already been accumulated on this site. Notably, 2 April (!), 5 April, 22 May, 28 Jun.

Of course MSM knows he truth.

But prolonging the WuFlu crisis hurts Trumps chances for winning a second term.

And that is what the above is all about.

So, as remarked upon on 7/21, not only is our media totally compromised as a source of truthful information regarding whom to vote for, it is debilitating to our President in addressing national security concerns in a crisis.

And, evidently, complicit in the murder of thousands of WuFlu victims. Nothing less.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The War we are in

Mars - IT enabled

Retirement is odd.  In the last half year I've only sometimes dabbled in topics that I use to obsess over. Along those lines, subsequent to reading Marshal Ogarkov's writings on the 'Revolution in Military Affairs' while in the pentagon the most insightful document I've seen was 'Unrestricted Warfare', which is vital for anyone intending to have an informed opinion on things military or/and national security.

Recently a longish, but interesting, piece from the national security folks at UT Austin brought portions of Unrestricted Warfare to mind.

1. UnIrestricted Warfare Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui - Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts

Publishing House, February 1999

This document (collection of lectures at PLA staff college) by two PLA Colonels advocated for a better understanding among PLA leadership on the nature of the war between Communist China and the United States which must implement all means of conflict, including economic, information warfare, and kinetic.


Regardless of whether the war was 3,000 years ago or at the end of the 20th  century, it seems that all of the victories display one common phenomenon: the winner is the one who combined //modes of combat, incl. financial, information, and kinetic// well.

We already know that war will not again be displayed in its original form. To a very great extent, war is no longer even war but rather coming to grips on the internet, and matching the mass media ...

In future wars, there will be more hostilities like financial warfare, in which a country is subjugated without spilling a drop of blood.

End Quotes

2. The document recently received from the folks at UT - Wormhole Escalation in the New Nuclear Age - Rebecca Hersman


From the cv provided, ”Ms. Hersman joined CSIS in April 2015 from the Department of Defense, where she served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for countering weapons of mass destruction (WMD) since 2009.” - which is to say she is probably brilliant but an 'arms control' believer and a veteran of Obama's Iranian arms deal team.


//Nuclear war // escalatory pathways in this new era of strategic competition will be less predictable. Indeed, increasingly sophisticated sub-conventional tactics such as disinformation and weaponized social media, the blurring of nuclear-conventional firebreaks, and the continuing diffusion of global power to regional nuclear states are adding new challenges and additional complexity to crisis management

Moving forward, emerging technologies will exacerbate these challenges and risks. Technologically advanced influence operations can use AI to precisely and efficiently target vulnerable individuals and communities with tailored messages and influence strategies, while also enhancing the speed and responsiveness of messages focused on the broader public.

...the effective weaponization of information, especially through social media, depends upon surrogates — witting or unwitting — who amplify messages, lend credibility within their media circles, and increase the originating state’s ability to deny responsibility.

American conventional military superiority in the post-Cold War period. Throughout this period, the United States has enjoyed the benefits of information dominance and the asymmetric advantage it offered.

Just because a state can start a war, however, doesn’t mean it can end it successfully on its own terms or avoid a sudden strategic crisis with a highly antagonized nuclear adversary.

Smaller states can compete in the digital information realm far more effectively than they could in traditional military competition.

...most analysts believe that secure second strike was the principal enabler of strategic stability even in the face of conventional and sub-conventional conflicts that largely played out through and with non-nuclear subordinate states.

Weaponized social media, widespread open-source information that used to be the exclusive domain of intelligence collection, and an increasingly “post-truth” atmosphere suggest a new and dangerous battlespace. In this context, small wars could quickly morph into big wars in ways that are difficult to anticipate or manage, perhaps rendering traditional military conflict “overrun by events” before the shooting starts and prompting consideration of tools and options normally reserved only for crises of existential proportion.

...the discussion of norms and codes of conduct for information and cyber warfare in strategic competition is long overdue. 

End quotes

 In both documents the PLA Colonels, and Ms Hersman, advise non-state actors will engage in information warfare. Ms Hersman references 'conspiracy theorists' (a canard often used by Obama/Clinton loyalists), while the PLA Colonels explain that " //new means warfare is// a means for some nations to be able to launch attacks against other nations or certain organizations and individuals to do so against the entire society".

Given the criticality of accurate, propaganda free information for Americans to be able to counter info war efforts by practitioners including: Communist China, Russia, Israel, the moslem brotherhood and its ideological offspring, and megalomaniacal billionaires, one must ask - how reliable is our mainstream media?

Blunt answer – awful.



It is typical that within the above there's not a mention as why mainstream media has such low credibility and that is their intentional, total compromise of honesty in over 3 years of unrelenting, intentionally FAKE news regarding President Trump and Russia,

And yes, it was deliberate.


In view of the shape of modern battlespace, one in which the US is very actively engaged, the enfeeblement of our major news agencies is a national security issue of the first order. Beyond their self professed role in influencing elections (“most Times reporters saw Trump “as an abnormal and potentially dangerous candidate” and thus couldn’t be even-handed” - https://nypost.com/2016/11/11/new-york-times-we-blew-it-on-trump/ ), a corrupt news industry can impact a President's ability to deescalate a conflict spiraling towards nuclear war.

This must be addressed.

But, ahh, bad news there.  The one major institution with a public reputation lower than mainstream media? 


A real conundrum this one.

7/22/20 - this story, published the following day to the above, describes the tailspin MSM is in both as truthspeakers and as a business https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/07/medias-political-suicide-daniel-greenfield/