Friday, April 17, 2020

"...enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC"

First, a personal recollection.

In November 1996 I was the Flag Secretary to the Navy's Regional Commander for the southeastern states headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. That was my second assignment to that job and in that role I was fairly familiar with the movers and shakers in northeast Florida and I found it useful to regularly watch the local political talk show each Sunday morning, Shortly after Bill Clinton's 1996 reelection the moderator of the program asked Terri Brady, one time chairman of the Florida Democratic Party and party super delegate, why she thought Clinton did so well in Duval county given the number of military members living there who could vote by absentee ballot. Ms Brady, in an uncharacteristic moment of honesty, laughed and said in effect 'we throw all those ballots out, they're never done right'. The following day I briefed the Admiral and called the station for a copy of the tape of the program. After some delay the station explained that that episode, uniquely, hadn't been taped.

Subsequent to that the Democrat Party practice of disenfranchising active duty service members (because of their understandable conservative vote bias) was demonstrated again when the Democrats had teams of lawyers reviewing military absentee ballots with an intent to invalidate as many as possible during the celebrated 'hanging chad' election of 2000.

Now, decades later, and in the midst of a pandemic, it seems odd that the sole candidate for the Democrat party in this year's Presidential Election has been so comically maladroit. Although he is, for now, safely isolated from school girls, his basement videos adequately serve to display his diminished mental faculties.

It would appear the only way the Democrats can win the White House in November is to steal the election. But how …..?


Election fraud is a time honored Democrat tradition and now that they've become Marxist it is mandatory..

To emphasize my point on Dems trying to steal elections consider their own words ...

'Vote by mail' absentee ballot elimination is a tiny sample of how Democrats handle mail ballots from likely Republican voters.

President Trump is absolutely right. Vote by mail is an obvious attempt by the Marxistdems to steal the next election and no patriotic American can let that happen. One citizen, one vote. We know how to make honest elections happen in difficult situations. Lets do it for America.

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