Monday, April 13, 2020

Imperfect profundities

Although a Lutheran I very much enjoy many of Westminster Theological Seminary's products and have visited the campus and bookstore. 

That said, I believe the staff may have 'jumped the shark' with the latest episode of their 'Crisis, Christ, and Confidence' series.

Dr Poland dismisses the idea that a lab would enhance the contagion factor of a virus as "not something anybody imagines".  This is both condescending and factually wrong. 

One ought take as evidence this presentation which is a good consolidation of the likely truth of the matter -

Perhaps in future episodes these worthies could comment on the radiant evil of the Chinese Communist Party given, for example, they approved the travel of over 400,000 individuals, many from Wuhan Province, to the United States even as they were desperately engaged in hiding the truth of their epidemic.

Intentionally spreading a deadly virus to another country.  That is an act of war.

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