Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Way Ahead

A couple of thoughts. 
Global figures are useless. China makes up a significant portion of the statistics and their reporting is simple propaganda. National figures are shaky. Many facilities are reporting all deaths in patients who tested positive as WuFlu deaths - even for patients who carried the bug asymptomatically 
HCL should be broadly used early to treat WuFlu patients.
That,and strong safeguards on high risk populations is most of what's needed to reopen and return to normalcy. 
Looking back the CCP is the guilty party and must be made to pay. 
'Experts' and 'models' for WuFlu were as accurate as the 'global warming' crowd has been.
Given the origin location and the known presence of the BSL4 facility I can't fault President Trump for the extraordinary measures. This may have been intentional. This could have been a much, much worse bug from the lab (think of a CCP version of 'epox'). 
All said, given what we know, it's time to rapidly implement the measures discussed and get back to work, church, and remove any and all Chinese relationships in our economy, our industry, and our institutions.

Update 5/8/20 about those 'Experts' and 'models' ...

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