Sunday, March 29, 2020

Why another month?

What difference can it make?
We will hear more Tuesday.  I expect it has to do with  manipulation of  'the curve' via guidelines on social distancing and no unnecessary activity, moderated with considerations including:
A. Chloroquine production and distribution realities.  ~ 5 per person,

B. Testing technology and implementation for individuals already carried and healthy - X nr people ...


C. Hugely ramped up production of proper masks for individuals pending prophylactic treatment with chloroquine.

Combined these measures may facilitate a healthy share of population able to live normally or nearly so by May.

One can hope.  None the less, I really don't expect our more volatile types in high crime areas to wait that long. 

4/2/2020 - Update on the efficacy of Chloroquine -   Lets get rolling on this, squash the bug, get America running full tilt - and present the bill the the CCP.  

and another 

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