Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today's Navy

That was then ...


 this is now ...

this is NOT your fathers Navy.

Decades of rot, primarily of the PC species, has created a paper tiger Navy.

This was glaringly obvious when 'Today's Navy' refused to hold a Commanding Officer (in this case 'officer-in-charge) accountable via Court Martial for surrendering ships, crews, weapons, comms gear, to the enemy.  Instead of 10-20 years confinement, this product of Today's USNA received a letter or reprimand.  Astonishing - at least to many seasoned veterans.

LCS?  DDG 1000?  Full mission ready?  Even competent in a single mission area?  Don't even ask.

At this point today's Navy can't even build ships with functioning heads (potties for you libs)

So - is it a surprise that, when there is a REAL crisis, how well today's Navy met the challenge ....

By now an Admiral King, or an Admiral Isaac Kidd, would have had that ship towed to NY harbor and in service to the city.

3/31/20 Well the Comfort is tied up in New York.  Could they have done better?  Meh, at least it got there. 

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