Tuesday, March 31, 2020

On a personal note


Diary of a semi-recluse

Having recent experience of spending the best part of 4 years as a geo-bachelor (not entirely, I managed to be home on alternate weekends and holidays) I find the current ChiCom Flu 'house arrest' situation not personally all that distressing. Compared to the old days I find the close company of my wife an enormous comfort and support. I do however worry for some family members and friends to varying degrees. Like most, they run the span from being in bad locations but well prepared, being in good locations and relatively well prepared, and some neither well situated nor prepared. And I worry most for the republic and it's survival from enemies foreign AND domestic.

Given we have no C. S. Lewis in this time of attack on the homeland, along with the 'My Pillow' CEO, I respectfully suggest that folks who can take time to consider the Bible and their personal faith. During my aforementioned geo-batching days, in lieu of achieving a masters in mixology, I found the following most illuminating, even entertaining.

First, and maybe perversely, those years ago I started serious research of the Bible beginning at it's end. Most informative here were Presbyterian ministers Bruce Gore (former fundamentalist Baptist) - http://lastdayspast.com/the-apocalypse-in-space-and-time-bruce-gore/


Gary DeMar (former Catholic) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag1MZYr1aRc

Then, I researched the beginning chapters of the Bible. Most Illuminating here was Prof. John Walton who approaches the topic heavily influenced by linguists, anthropologists, and archaeologists - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kOflP3eLSI

Combined with routine daily reading of the Bible the above presentations gave me a confidence in the legitimacy of the Bible and what it proclaims.

Also, while living apart from the family and having a bit of a curiosity in history (which hither to had been focused tightly in esoteric military and intelligence matters) I very much enjoyed Presbyterian Minister and Church Historian Carl Trueman's lecture series on the reformation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEpQjtufzp0&list=PLHbc2ibe2Tmbqu_d_sTXfMy7S89jXjiVB . This is a substantial virtual tome that runs to over 60 lectures in some formats. I highly recommend it, so long as you enjoy history delivered with a dry, just shy of abrasive British wit. It provides a solid description of how we got to the major denominations in Christianity today.

Almost certainly the materials above cannot be competently appreciated in the month of seclusion that is anticipated ahead but, having the experience of surviving similar circumstances and departing in a state better than as begun I thought I'd share.

Our country could come out of this experience as something Washington would never recognize.

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