Friday, March 27, 2020

Perfect example of today's MSM

USA Today reporting on a report - that says nothing like the reporting says it says.


In an apparent attempt to throw chaff and flares up to protect the brutal leaders in the CCP from liability USA Today represents that an odd, self conflicting document offers conclusions it certainly doesn't if one reads it.

In point of fact the cited document SAYS  it is 'impossible to prove or disprove theorys' of origin.

The report - and USA Today's breathless headline of it both - clearly are tortured attempts to point anywhere other than the Biowar lab at Wuhan ... the city it says the "first' reports of the calamitous flu surfaced.

Revealingly, the technical document says that the availability of RaTG13 bat virus materials ''helped analysis" of ChiCom flu.

Hmmm, guess what the ChiCom biowar lab researchers in Wuhan were working on ...

(reported in reddit link here )

//A 2015 document// from that facility "Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Bat Coronavirus Closely Related to the Direct Progenitor of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus."

"We report the isolation and characterization of a novel bat coronavirus which is much closer to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in genomic sequence than others previously reported, particularly in its S gene. Cell entry and susceptibility studies indicated that this virus can use ACE2 as a receptor and infect animal and human cell lines. Our results provide further evidence of the bat origin of the SARS-CoV and highlight the likelihood of future bat coronavirus emergence in humans."

There are two researchers from the Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

From the Wikipedia of BSL-4 facilities in the world we see that the only level 4 facility in China is the Wuhan one.

Here we have Zhi-ming Yuan one of the paper's authors research gate profile. Currently he is listed as the Director of Wuhan National BiosafetyLaboratory.

So - said report appears NOT to point away from ChiCom Biowar research facility, not at all. Exactly the opposite.

While I accept that the bug may be an amazing coincidence with the work at the lab, I more agree with the Reddit author's opinion, i.e., "if this thing did leak out of the lab I'm 100 percent sure that it was purely accidental as the people who will be most harmed by the virus are the Chinese citizens of Wuhan."

Big point is, that opinion is irrelevant to financial accountability of the CCP.  Proof positive exists of their suppression of adequate information on the bug, information they were required to provide and their destruction of key evidence regarding its origin.

They've got one hell of a bill to pay. 

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