Friday, May 22, 2020

The truth will out

As long as 'professionals' persist in refusing to implement the obvious treatment because of financial interests, political ideology, or ignorance most of our sheepel will cower in their homes listening to endless fear porn and fake news.

There are good reasons President Trump is using HCQ as a prophylactic.

Actual experience -

appears to be overtaking slow agency acceptance -

despite vested interests attempting to bury it with misinformaton -

There is at least one new production facility in the US for hydroxychloroquine. Claims that it can't be used because we need save it for other illnesses should be moot by now.

Currently opinions differ, Meh, ok for that. I spent my last 15 years successfully arguing with 'experts' and their 'models' so research on a topic like this was natural for me. I'll leave the potential motives alone at this point.

My research is done. I've reached my conclusion and have located at least one doctor who administers HCQ with zinc upon early WuFlu onset. So I'm where I want to be for now.

I'm no Dr so buyer beware but, thank God, it's a free country (or, at least we are in Texas) and that's my $.02.

5/23/20 - I located this bit Saturday morning.  Further justification, no surprise.

5/30/20 - yeah, they DON'T want to test it with zinc.

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