Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Our Communists are past their 'use by' date

The are all now TOXIC

(An uncommonly long post with a lot to explore.  None the less, important to understand.  Those pressed for time need at the minimum to see the Soverignnations link)

The enemies abroad -

"It would not be out of place to consider that Beijing would react to losing an economic war, or even economic position, by trying to unleash a globally mitigating virus intended to target their geopolitical adversaries [Hong Kong, Taiwan and the U.S.]"

After shocks from the lab leak?  Mutation of COVID-19?  Or, a new product to again infect the US with?

One comment on the article captures a likely future if very strict, effective measures against China aren't implemented -

"Probably, the Chi Coms will keep lobbing these viruses at us until Trump rounds up all the complicit 0bamagate traitors, or until all the cities and burnt..."

If you do not yet understand PRC is at WAR with us and seeks total domination you need to read their plan and accept it as true.  https://www.oodaloop.com/documents/unrestricted.pdf

The enemies within - the critical need to eliminate ALL Obama moles/communists/globalists from our agencies is vividly demonstrated with this gem -

CCP agents in our medical hierarchy?   Forbidding use of a simple, effective therapeutic to counter the impact of WuFlu in the US?   How convenient for CCP  - https://freebeacon.com/national-security/54-scientists-given-nih-grants-fired-for-failure-to-disclose-foreign-ties/

If you do not understand the clear connections between the CCP, the 60 era American 'Peace' and subsequent 'Justice' movements, the Obama administration, George Soros, and ANTIFA violence you aren't paying attention.

How to destroy the idea of America?
Revolution - "Top down, bottom up, inside out"

These people are deadly.  One of Obama's real mentors, along with the repulsive Frank Marshal Davis,  had a vision for America.  Round up 100 million patriots and ship them by train to the Southwest to re-educate them in Marxist ideology. Out of that 100 million they were ready to kill 25% off.

For me?  "Here I stand, I can do no other".

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