Saturday, August 1, 2020

Like I said - What's it Going To Take?

There are now 65 hydroxychloroquine studies that show high effectiveness as an early treatment against COVID19, while late treatment shows mixed results.

As noted in the twitter link yesterday HCQ/zinc is demonstrably effective in countries around the world. The state of Ohio has just reverrsed its ban on use for WuFlu (not 'Covid 19', lets give the devil his due) ...

At this point it is fair to ask - is any doctor refusing to provide a patient with no apparent complications HCQ and zinc for early treatment of WuFlu really executing due diligence?

The motive for the CCP in intentionally spreading this plague worldwide and killing over a half million people, including over one hundred thousand Americans, is clear to anyone who has read 'Unrestricted Warfare' . Given the brutal nature of the tyrants running the CCP it is reasonable to ask if the release wasn't intentional. The veterans of Tiananmen would easily accept the sacrifice of mass numbers of Chinese to achieve plausible deniability - thus escaping retaliation for an act of war. After all, they can count on the cooperation of Trump hating western media and giant corporations seeking profits in China to carry their disinformation.

The motives for Fauci (who was providing US taxpayer funding to the Wuhan BSL4 facility for (dual use) 'gain of function' research) and friends in preventing the wide use of HCQ/zinc to eliminate the WuFlu crisis warrants exploration.

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